Goodboy Galaxy Press Release

London, UK, August 2021 - Goodboy Galaxy launches on Kickstarter today with a brand-new exploration-focused adventure platform game available on Game Boy Advance cartridges, as well as digitally for modern platforms.

In celebration of Game Boy Advance’s 20th anniversary, the Goodboy Galaxy team are developing an adventure platform game where Maxwell, the adorable hero, explores unfamiliar worlds, makes strange new friends and contends with mysterious forces.

This will be the first commercial Game Boy Advance game for more than 13 years. The last was The Bee Game released by Midway on the 5th of November 2007. Goodboy Galaxy will feature jam-packed levels with multiple routes, 50 different characters to befriend, secret areas and hideaways to be discovered as well as a wide array of beasties to blast.

Paul Chambers, Supercell / Brawlstars creative director who played an early version of the game says: “Super crazy what you have done… seriously, well done - it’s a proper love note to classics and I feel it.”

Adam Vian, SFB Games / Snipperclips creative director, who also played the game says: “It’s so polished! Everything feels great. Real charming too, I love all the characters.”

To give players a preview of the game, the game developers have made a demo available in English, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. In the demo, keen easter egg hunters can find a secret crossover character from the upcoming and beautiful indie platformer, Orange Island.

You can support Goodboy Galaxy now, starting at £18 for a digital version for GBA, PC or Nintendo Switch and £44 for a real boxed Game Boy Advance-compatible cartridge of the game, along with an instruction manual, cartridge case and stickers.

About the project team

Goodboy Galaxy is being developed by two friends, Rik Nicol and Jeremy Clarke, who met while working at a mobile games studio in the Netherlands.

Although they've delivered top charting titles with millions of downloads, their biggest passion lies in modern indie and retro games. Having grown up with the Game Boy Advance and its killer library, they wanted to make something that'd feel right at home on the system.

When not actively making games, Jeremy also moderates the GBAdev Discord server and recently co-hosted a GBA themed game jam, greatly increasing the amount of homebrew projects for the system with 44 entries.

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